Patent Filing: Australian provisional patent application

Patent Filing

Filing an Australian provisional patent application is usually the first step in obtaining protection for one or more of your ideas anywhere in the world and will do so for 12 months. After filing a provisional application, a patent search is usually performed to attempt to identify relevant prior art. This will give you an indication of how likely it is that your patent application will succeed, and how to prosecute your patent application in later stages of the application process.

Patent Filing: PCT international application

Where an earlier priority date is required, a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international application must be filed within 12 months with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) to initiate the international phase achieving patent protection in multiple countries. The patent filing of your PCT application establishes an effective filing date in the more than 140 countries party to the treaty.

To protect your invention in each country of interest, complete national phase applications have to be filed in each individual country by the 30-31 month lapse time period for PCT applications.

Patent Filing: PCT national phase patent application

Patent Filing

The minimum filing requirements for a PCT national phase patent application in Australia are:

IP Australia may also request the following additional documents during the filing process:

Patent Filing: non-PCT route

Patent Filing

Note that filing a PCT application is optional. You may otherwise obtain patent protection in the countries you elect by directly patent filing complete applications in each individual country. However, the filing cost of this stage can be quite significant if a large number of countries are selected. Because most inventors and small companies are not in a financial position to afford the filing costs so early on, opting for the PCT application is the most common avenue for the complete application process. Note also that filing a PCT application allows you to prolong the deadline for (and thus reduce the costs of) filing individual complete applications in each desired country for up to 18 months after the expiry of a provisional patent application.

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